L7 Sécurité SARL (L7 Security Llc) is an information security consultancy based in Geneva (Switzerland) specializing in the prevention, detection and mitigation of cybercrime (hacking, fraud) and privacy incidents involving software systems.

  • Corporate-wide software security program (both software development and acquisition)
  • Integration of security and privacy in the SDLC
  • Web and mobile applications security
  • At design-time: threat modeling and portfolio, fraud scenarios and deviant behavior modeling, design and specifications review, ...
  • At implementation-time: defensive coding, coding guidelines, source code review, ...
  • IT operations: hardening, secure deployment, security audit and intrusion testing, bug bounty program, vulnerability disclosure program, ...
  • Compliance review
  • Role-targeted awareness and training programs
  • C-level services: private coaching, personal/private/professional silos, secure configuration and use of online services, ...
  • Third-party source code verification and escrow

Standards and references frequently used:
  • CWE
  • Open SAMM
  • SDL
  • Touchpoints
  • WASC

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